Run without a Hope and Live without a Reason

Since 2008 after I run the Final Elimination of  Milo Marathon in the Philippines my problem was; I’ll still have suffered my ITB’s Injury which we could the (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) at that moment my age of having that king injury is very amazing. Why? Because I came up with a wrong age; at age of 21 year old I think no reason at all for me to have that kind of injury which I could’nt not accept until now. because of my ITB’s injury I cannot train hard just like it before and besides that how can I solved this kind of problem without the help of everyone. With you guys who has a good and kind heart who are reading this Blog can you do me a favor; PLEASE HELP ME? I BEG YOU ALL; I want to run or train just like those other athletes without an any thinking like this, Having a BAD injury like ITB’s! My ambition as an Ahtlete is to fullfil my dream and to become a world class Athlete that no one else can conquered!

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It is generally accepted that trying desperately to get your ex back is the best way to make him or her run away. It is common sense, as nobody would be appealed by a desperate and needy person. In addition, such a mindset makes you doing things you would never do with anyone else. The shortcoming here is to believe that the break up was induced by not having been good enough, or not having done enough. The truth is that it is rarely the case. On the contrary, most people prefer persons who think by themselves and are not constantly trying to please you. The cardinal concept here is “challenge”. Only challenge can make you interesting and attractive, be it for romance or for any social relationship.

A relationship should not be unilateral and predictable if you want to make it challenging and interesting. There should always be something fresh to spice things up. In essence, what your ex awaits is to have more by being with you than being without you. Being with you should imply perpetual exploration and fresh exciting experiences. Your ex should feel of you as a valuable asset and not just as a liability. However, most persons fail to think this way and to think about their relationship. They do not think beyond their own feelings and fail to understand they must be a resource for their partner. By understanding this primary idea, a lot of couples have reached a new level in their relationship.

While this need for surprise and excitation is general, you might nonetheless ask your ex what they expect from a relationship. It should not revolve around you or what you should do, because the reply will have no value at all. It should rather be about what your ex expects from relationships and life in general. By putting yourself out of the equation, you will get much more valuable answers, and you will have a much clearer depiction of what your ex truly expects. This way, you will be able to implement the right changes and to start sparking off a renewed interest from your ex.

The changes you introduce should be progressive and should let ample room for surprises and excitation. Your ex should get turned on and should try to guess what you are going to do. These changes should be the consequence of your actions only. You should not be pompous or make speeches about how much you have understood him or her, as this is the best manner to destroy all your credit. Acting in a somewhat unpredictable and stimulating manner is a lot more efficient and will hook your ex’s attention. He or she will also wish to be involved and to play a part in your life once more.

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Ancient History of Marathon

The traditional story relates that Pheidippides (530 BC-490 BC), an Athenian herald, was sent to Sparta to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon, Greece. He ran 240 km (150 miles) in two days. He then ran the 40 km (26 miles) from the battlefield by the town of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) with the word (Nenikékamen, ‘We have won’ or ‘We are victorious’) and died on the spot. Most accounts incorrectly attribute this story to the historian Herodotus, who wrote the history of the Persian Wars in his Histories (composed about 440 BC).

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What is a Marathon

A marathon is an endurance foot race which covers 26 miles, 385 yards (42.2 kilometers). It is named after the Greek Battle of Marathon, which occurred in 490 BCE. In addition to being an Olympic event for both men and women, marathons are run all over the world on a variety of terrain types by athletes at various skill levels.

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SM Group Vision and Mision;


“To synergize skills and expertise in providing products of the finest quality based on ethical business and safe working practices, and to retain a large client base serviced with our highest level of customer satisfaction”


We aim to be the best in our chosen area of expertise with the guiding vision of S.M.Group’s engineering and pioneering strategies, being ready to adapt advancing trends and processing techniques. Our commitment is deep-rooted to our brand building enterprise and towards fashion trends at home, in the region and worldwide.

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THE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS IS THE OLDEST EXISTING UNIVERSITY in Asia. In terms of student population, it is the largest Catholic university in the world in a single campus. The institution was established through the initiative of Bishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P., the third Archbishop of Manila. On July 24, 1605, he bequeathed the amount of P1,500 and his personal library for the establishment of a “seminary-college” to prepare young men for the priesthood. Those funds, and his personal library, became the nucleus for the start of UST and its library.

The founding of the University of Santo Tomas followed on April 28, 1611. The original campus was located in Intramuros, the Walled City of Manila. UST was first called Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario, and later renamed Colegio de Santo Tomas, in memory of the foremost Dominican Theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas.

On July 29, 1619 the Colegio was authorized to confer academic degrees in theology and philosophy. By November 20, 1645, Pope Innocent X elevated the college to a university. In 1680, it was subsequently placed under the royal patronage of the Spanish monarchy. In 1681, Pope Innocent XI declared it a Public University of General Studies allowing it to confer other degrees. In 1734 Pope Clement XII authorized the University to confer degrees in all existing faculties as well as all others that might be introduced in the future. The Pope also approved the curriculum in the entire field of jurisprudence.

During the British invasion of Manila in 1762, the University raised four companies of students and professors numbering 400 men each. These saw action in battles against the British until 1764.

The expulsion of the Society of Jesus from the Philippines in 1768 left the University of Santo Tomas as the only institution of higher learning in the islands.

In 1785 in recognition of the role of the students and faculty in resisting the British, King Charles III conferred the title of “loyal” to the university and formally granted it the status of a royal university.

On May 20, 1865, a royal order from Queen Isabella II gave the University the power to direct and supervise all the schools in the Philippines and the Rector of the University became the ex-officio head of the secondary and higher education in the Philippines. All diplomas issued by other schools were approved by the Rector of the University and examinations leading to the issuance of such diplomas were supervised by the Dominican professors of UST.

On September 17, 1902, Pope Leo XIII made the University of Santo Tomas a “Pontifical University”, and by 1947, Pope Pius XII bestowed upon it the title of “The Catholic University of the Philippines”. The University of Santo Tomas is the second university in the world after the Gregorian University in Vatican to be granted the formal title of Pontifical University. The Gregorian University was allowed to assume this title in 1873.

The continuing increase in enrolment prompted the administration, in 1927 to transfer the university campus from Intramuros to its present site in Sampaloc district, which covers a total of 21.5 hectares. The Intramuros campus continued to operate until its destruction during the Second World War.

Since its establishment in 1611, the university academic life was disrupted only twice: once, from 1898 to 1899, during the second phase of the Philippine Revolution and the Filipino-American War, and for the second time, from 1942 to 1945, when the Japanese Occupation Forces during the Second World War converted the UST campus into an internment camp where around 2,500 allied civilians were detained. Buildings such as the Main Building, the Gymnasium and an annex building behind the Main Building called the Domestic Arts building were used as living quarters. The internees were liberated by U.S. forces on February 3, 1945.

Throughout its almost 400 years of existence, The University has become the alma mater of four Filipino heroes who shaped the nation’s destiny like Jose Rizal, Emilio Jacinto, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Apolinario Mabini; Philippine Presidents such as Manuel Luis Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, Jose P. Laurel and Diosdado Macapagal; various Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, senators, congressmen, scientist, architects, engineers and writers, all outstanding in their chosen professions. It was visited by two popes, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II, and various heads of states and foreign dignitaries.

As it prepares for its 400th year by 2011, UST plans to establish campuses outside España Boulevard, Manila. A campus will rise in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and another is forthcoming in General Santos City. Through these campuses, UST commits to continue to provide Filipinos with the characteristically high quality of Catholic education.


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SHORT Story of The Philippine History

The first humans arrived in the Philippines by land bridges at least 30,000 years ago, while the history of the Philippines as recorded by Europeans began with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Permanent settlement was recognized with the expedition of Miguel López de Legazpi in 1565, beginning an era of Spanish colonization that lasted more than three centuries

The Philippine Revolution against the Spanish began in 1896, ending two years later with a proclamation of independence and the establishment of the First Philippine Republic. However, the Treaty of Paris in 1898 at the end of the Spanish-American War transferred control of the Philippines to the United States. Partial self-government under U.S. supervision began in 1935, but was interrupted by the Japanese attack and occupation of the islands during World War II. The Philippines was granted full independence in 1946.

The late 1960s and early 1970s saw the rise of student activism and civil unrest, prompting President Ferdinand Marcos to declare martial law in 1972. The peaceful 1986 EDSA Revolution brought about the dismissal of Marcos and a return to democracy for the country. The period since then, however, has been marked by government corruption, political instability, and hindered economic productivity.

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How To Run Faster

Work on Your Turnover
If you can increase your stride turnover, you’ll run faster. Start by running at about your 5K pace for 30 seconds and counting every time your right foot hits the ground. Then jog for a minute to recover and run for 30 seconds again, this time trying to increase the count by one. Repeat this several times, and try to add another step each time.
Try Interval Workouts
Interval workouts are a fun way to work on your speed. You can do track workouts, such as 400m (one lap around the track) repeats. After a 5- to 10-minute warm-up, alternate between running one 400m at your 5K pace and jogging one slow, easy recovery lap. Start with two or three 400m repeats (with a recovery lap in between each), and try to work your way up to five or six. Or, if you’re running on the road instead of a track, you can use lamp posts or telephone poles to mark your intervals. After warming-up, try sprinting for two lamp posts, then recover for two, and keep repeating the pattern until you’ve covered a mile.
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Treadmill Interval Workout
Do a Tempo Run Once a Week
Tempo runs help you develop your anaerobic threshold, which is critical for running faster. To do a tempo run, start your run with 5 to 10 minutes of easy running, then continue with 15 to 20 minutes of running near your 10K pace. Finish with 5 to 10 minutes of cooling down. If you’re not sure what your 10K pace is, run at a pace that feels “comfortably hard.”
Try Some Hill Training
Hill repeats are an efficient way to build running strength. Find a fairly steep hill that’s about 100 meters long. Run hard to the top of the hill, and slowly jog back down. Start with 3 to 4 repeats once a week, and gradually work your way up to 6 to 7 repeats.
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Lose Weight
If you’re already trying to shed some pounds, here’s more incentive: Research has shown that, on average, runners get two seconds per mile faster for every pound they lose. So, for example, a 10-pound weight loss would shave about one minute off your 5K race time.

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7 Secrets of Skinny Runners
Don’t Forget About Rest Days
Don’t assume that running hard every day will make you faster. Rest is critical to your recovery and injury prevention efforts, so don’t forget to take at least one day off completely each week. Your muscles actually build and repair themselves during your rest days. So, if you run every day without taking days off, you won’t see much improvement.

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Maguindanao Masacre

Did you realized that until now the Mindanao Massacre  are still in the Cort. Why? Because of the Government powers! Filipino people are still in silent, they don’t want to make any moves unless our Philippine government would do anything. That’s an damn reason for me! I don’t think that our government can easily solved this problem because even those other innocence people will also affected.

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Philippine Government

A Government is always be “THE” Government. Why? Why should I say this, EVEN in a simple way of problem they don’t know how to solved. A PROBLEM IS ALWAYS BE A PROBLEM; Why should they treated like that. Corruption, Drugs, Rape, Killing those Innocence people. Having a good commitment with someone who has in a good position. Damn! Kahit sinong President yong Ilagay sa Philippines it will goes nothing and then the said NO CORRUPTION or BAWAL ang Corrupt. Do I believed that of course NOT!

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